Gov. Schwarzenegger to speak at convention

This just in – Gov. Schwarzenegger will be speaking at the BIO International Convention, June 17-20 in San Diego.  Together with California biotech leaders, we announced his participation yesterday and also highlighted what’s new and different with this year’s convention. As Stephen Ferruolo (program co-chair) pointed out – “missing the breakout sessions is like going to the U.S. Open and not checking out the golfers.” Issues surrounding follow-ons, IP, regenerative medicine, biomarkers, biofuels, genetically engineered food and more will be discussed by the biggest names in the biotech industry today. Stay tuned for more details…


Friends that link together, stay together

You will notice on the left ( <= ) two new ways of becomming better acquainted with BIO virtually with our LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Please feel free to pass on to your biotech contacts and join the thriving community that we are building online. The virtual world awaits!

Convention keynote speaker TBA

It’s that time again – Spring is beckoning, Punxsutawney Phil has made his proclamation, the Oscars have given us one grand hoorah and we here at BIO are close to announcing our first keynote speaker for the 2008 BIO International Convention, June 17-20 in San Diego. Stay tuned, or for more details – contact Tracy Krughoff at or 202.312.9274.

Record number of institutional investors at CEO

The final numbers are in and we have good reason to celebrate (perhaps we should get a three-day weekend?!) – there were a record number of institutional investors at the CEO & Investor Conference, 1,050 in total. Most of the more than 200 company presentations were full rooms, since in total we had more than 2000 participants. And obviously a lot of dealmaking and potential dealmaking was in the works with more than 1400 one-on-one meetings.

Duck taped to the side of a train

Despite a delayed train, I got home at 11:30 last night, not too bad considering how bad it could have been! At least the thirty minute delay allowed me to hang out with Mary from Amtrak who repeatedly got requests from folks trying to move up their reservations and she had the pleasure of turning them away one after another since all the trains were filled to the brim. At least she offered them all the option of being ‘duck taped to the side of the train,’ that has to be the best quote I’ve heard in awhile. Thanks for a truly spectacular conference, everyone!

Southward Bound for Partnering for Global Health

I’m heading south – and closer to home – next month.  Join me from March 10-12 in Washington, DC, for our first ever, international Partnering for Global Health Forum. Ok, so technically, I jump on Amtrak in a few hours to go back home to DC, but you get the point! DC in the spring is fabulous – as long as it doesn’t rain. And the conference will be a can’t miss event, even if it does rain. So why come? Four great reasons:

  • An open exchange with world-renowned leaders in global health, industry, government and the donor community
  • Opportunities to meet one-on-one with leading companies, researchers and donors
  • Presentations from innovators pursuing technologies and products applicable to diseases of the developing world
  • Perspectives from public and private funders supporting global health R&D
  • Sen. Brownback is speaking!

Make sure you register today. Spaces are already filling up! Click on

Conference Slide Show