Friends that link together, stay together

You will notice on the left ( <= ) two new ways of becomming better acquainted with BIO virtually with our LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Please feel free to pass on to your biotech contacts and join the thriving community that we are building online. The virtual world awaits!


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  1. I hail this initiative. BIO has taken a step in the right direction to enhance public understanding of biotechnology. Biotech applications, especially in the field of agriculture, are ill understood. Real experts in biotech shy away from defending it. They wouldn’t forcefully state that crop genetic engineering holds the key to agricultural sustainability. They wouldn’t tell off critic of genetically modified foods. They wouldn’t confront those who interfere with field trials of genetically modified crops. Due to this silence, anti-biotech crops always have a field day contradicting the work of hardworking scientists. It’s time this practice comes to and end.

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