Where in the World?

It occurred to me at lunch today that with all my travels, I need to go on a quest – a quest for the best dessert. For those of you who watch the Today Show, you undoubtedly are familiar with the special segment, “Where in the world is Matt Lauer.” Well, I’m proposing a slightly different twist, “Where in the world is the best dessert?” While Reston, Virginia, is probably not where you’re going to find the world’s best dessert (although you never know!), I must admit I have enjoyed the sweet treats during my two days at PGH. Today, a chocolate mousse-like sliver of pie – if that’s what you’d even call it – was served. It was light and fluffy (kind of like yesterday’s cheesecake), very chocolatey (is that a word?!), and oh-so-good! So, to those of you who follow my blog, help a fellow BIO blogger out here. Where in the world do you think the world’s best dessert is? And, please, make sure you describe every mouth-watering detail!


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