AR Post: Back in The BIO Blogging Saddle

Hello World! How exciting to once again have the honor and privilege to be participating on BioOnTheRoad, the blog of BIO2008. Last year’s freshman effort, BioVoice, viewable on the BIO2007 home page, received wonderfully positive feedback. The team at BIO has clearly kicked it up a few notches deploying a plethora of web 2.0 tricks and tools that should make content (blog posts, videos, pictures, tweets, texts etc.) much easier to both post and consume and net make for a wonderfully ‘real-time’ experience for BIO2008 participants in attendance in San Diego as well as those simply keeping tabs via the blogosphere.

I’ve been blogging at Colorado Life Science Deal Flow since 2005, perhaps considered the Neolithic period equivalent of the blogosphere. I could not be more eager to touch down in San Diego and get going. Luckily I’m armed with the knowledge that it is near impossible to “get it all in” and therefore BioOnTheRoad should serve as a diverse source of what is transpiring throughout the four action-packed days.

If you have some juicy tidbits, a great story, interview opportunity or something the world should know about please track me down so we can chat…that should be easy enough to do via:

Thanx. And away we go…


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