Social Networking and BIO

Had a great conversation the other day with Susan Cato, who is the person at BIO in charge of their online strategy.  BIO is continuing to be very progressive this year in engaging new media as a tool to help not only attendees connect with each other, but also as a way to connect and communicate the message of biotechnology to a much wider audience.  I was impressed with Susan’s grasp of the need to communicate with, not to, the greater community.  Her willingness to engage the greater community in the discussion of biotechnology is an other important component of the conference and the industry.  So I encourage you to use some of the tools like twitter and the BIO blogs to engage those of your contacts not in the industry in the discussion and start a dialog. 

If you would like to discuss social networking or early stage company formation and growth (one of my favorite topics) during the conference, feel free to contact me at one of the following and we’ll set something up:

  • email:
  • text: 204-229-8831
  • yahoo: dfast33
  • linkedin: darrenfast
  • Twitter: Solalta

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