AR Post: BIO-EVE and BIO Day 1 – Anticipated Fashion Faux Pas

Having evolved into now a BIO veteran has yielded some very important lessons for a successful conference, one in particular that has resonated is – wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking to be done over the four days and therefore I have elected to choose function over fashion and swap out the Ferragamo and Prada loafers for my running shoes with my back-saving orthotic inserts. So please refrain from summoning the fashion police when you see the zapatos paired with the Gucci and Armani on top…I and my pain free back thank you.

If you happen upon Steve Albainy-Jenei from Patent Baristas early in the day in the exhibit hall be certain to ask him for a iBarista iPod, no easier iPod giveaway that I am aware of, more info (here).

Tomorrow is certain to be an action packed day however, I am already looking forward to the evening activity – the Welcome Reception Party – at the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. Please stop me and at the party and say hi. And now a few sights from BIO-EVE:



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