AR Post: Attacking the Valuation Question at BIO2008

BIO2008 continues to be an incredible experience…I had the opportunity to sit in on the Avance Valuation in Life Science workshop where hands on skills were taught on how to use and apply a variety of valuation approaches in the different fields of the life sciences; for nine plus hours principles were broken down and then translated into Excel. You do not have to attend in person to acquire all of these modeling skills, simply pick up the newly released second edition of Valuation in Life Sciences: A Practical Guide available on Amazon (here).

Avance is much more than knowledge-based training, located in Basel, Switzerland and San Francisco Avance is a solution provider of financial valuation and due diligence questions, servicing a global client base of biotechs, big pharma, hedge funds, venture capitalists, I-banks, and technology transfer offices.

Finally, Avance also offers ri:val, an incredibly potent software solution for the financial valuation and risk management of drug development projects, licenses, pipelines, technologies, companies, and investment portfolios. The user-friendly framework takes one step-by-step through the valuation process. Stop by and meet with founders Dr.’s Boris Bogdan and Ralph Villiger at booth 5535 or visit them online at

Note: Take a closer look at what is transpiring in Colorado Bioscience at


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