Day 3 observations

Had another great day at BIO yesterday.  I was particularly impressed with the lunch session.  Jim Greenwood painted a compelling picture of the power of biotechnology.  Colin Powell was impressive as well.  His leadership lessons a good reminder for all of us in the industry that people are following us and that we are out in front where the future is not certain, but that when we build relationship and trust with others, they will follow, but they won’t follow if we simply tell them to.

Spent a good chunk of the day on the exhibition floor, looking at some of the offerings of the companies that might be a fit for some of my clients.  I’ve noticed that over the years at BIO I take less stuff home every year.  Part of me is disturbed by the amount of paper that is consumed, the number of low value things with logos that you know will be trashed either before people get home or shortly after.  I’ve worked at taking a minimum of paper and other paraphernalia home, rather taking web links and business cards. I would encourage all the exhibitors to find sustainable ways to promote their products and services.

Don’t get me wrong, BIO is like going out for that once a  year dinner.  You know you ate and drank too much and it might be bad for you, but you’ve got the rest of the year to stick to your healthy lifestyle.  You also know that you should come back next year, because it is a conference that keeps on reinventing itself and pushing the boundaries of science and business.  

I’m on my way home this morning, exhausted, yet recharged and excited about the prospects for the industry. I look forward to BIO 2009!


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