One Day Left at BIO: What Not to Miss

It has been a busy week, and I’m betting most of you are very tired. Partnering, talks, and an exhibit hall that has a lot to offer. How should you spend your last day? After spending 3 days pounding the “exhibit floor” pavement (carpet), I have some suggestions for you.

  • Visit the various pavilions in the exhibit hall, representing different regions of the world and the biotech companies that do business there. Each has its own flavor, and each region is obviously anxious to show you why you should do business there. With the price of travel these days, you could even consider it to be a mini-vacation. My favorite pavilions? Holland, for its inviting display, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, for their midwestern hospitality, and South Africa, representing biotech that will make a difference in the issues that plague the continent. California, my home state, also has an impressive display of companies and institutions from our growing biotech hubs.
  • Visit the Emerging Technologies area, located in the southernmost (H) region of the exhibit hall. Of course, it is always interesting to hear about new technologies, and to hear about it from the entrepreneurs who will represent the next wave in biotech.
  • Visit the BIO Patient and Health Advocacy Display, which is in the Ground Level Lobby, section F. Learn more about the efforts of these advocates in making a difference in getting funding and cures for a wide variety of diseases. It is always worthwhile talk directly to the patients and advocates for diseases which we are working towards curing, as they have important perspectives.
  • For fun, visit the Lab Support Virtual Roller Coaster Ride at Booth 4316.
  • Don’t forget to get your green Crocs at RNL Bio, Booth 1015 (if they have any left!). I am not responsible for any fashion faux pas that result.

–Mary Canady of Comprendia, LLC.


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