Plenary and Business Panels to Address Growing Challenges of Small Biotech Companies at the BIO Investor Forum

Plenary sessions and roundtables will address how small biotech companies can continue to innovate and grow despite current market conditions.

The BIO Investor Forum’s plenary sessions and business roundtables will focus on economic and business issues facing the biotech industry, including M&A, capital access, exit strategies, technology transfer, and outsourcing among other topics. Featured plenary sessions and roundtables include:

Plenary Sessions
Capital Access 201 (Wednesday)
Experts will explore current funding options and how each approach may impact the investor’s standing in the short- and long-term.
Moderator – Howard Furst, MD, Partner, Deerfield Management
Panelists – Ben Perkins, managing director of Life Sciences Group, Pacific Growth Equities, LLC; Oleg Nodelman, portfolio manager at Biotechnology Value Fund, LP; Thomas King, president & CEO of Alexza Pharmaceuticals; Luke Evnin, PhD, managing director at MPM Capital; Andrew L. Busser, principal of Symphony Capital, LLC
The Return to a Thriving Marketplace – What’s It Going To Take (Friday)
Change of office, FDA reform, significant M&A, outrageously low valuations, a new investment model are all potential catalysts for change. This session will address how to offset investor concerns and reinvigorate public capital access and capital inflows into biotech again.

Moderator – George Milstein, head of investment banking of Pacific Growth Equities LLC
Panelists – Robert Rynd, director of Biotech Corporate Advisory Services, Thomson Reuters; Matthew Perry, portfolio manager at Biotechnology Value Fund, LP; David Singer, principal of Maverick Capital
Business Roundtables
Privately Thriving in the Bear Market – Insights into an emerging secondary marketplace for private investment in which management can hope to attract funding from diverse public and private sources.

One Exit Strategy Isn’t Enough – Late -stage private company executives will share strategies for exploring multiple exit scenarios simultaneously to potentially enhance returns.

Beyond Classic M&A – Exploration of most intriguing options to classic M&A, including traditional big pharma with biotech; private with private; public with private; reverse mergers; spin-outs and carve outs.

To access the entire program and registration, visit Registration is complimentary for qualified investors and credentialed members of the media.


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  1. There is always some good investment opportunities available in the biotech/pharmaceutical markets.

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