Capital Access 201 – BIO Investor Forum Kicks Off

Moments ago, panelists at the opening plenary painted a startlingly realistic picture of the industry, but emphasized that this is the time for companies to be more aggressive and strategic in how they target and approach potential investors and partners. Moderator Ben Perkins, PhD, initiated a lively discussion focused on how the realities of the economy will shape the future industry and how emerging biotechnology companies can best position themselves within the new landscape.

“Companies need to tell a crisp story, know their audience, and do their homework in order to get our attention,” said Andrew Busser, Principal of Symphony Capital. “Companies that are leaders in the field, have multiple products in the clinic, and whose products are critical to the company’s future will be particularly appealing to us.”

Tom King, President and CEO of Alexza Pharmaceuticals, emphasized that companies should assess the assets that they have – particularly cash on hand and R&D. There is a struggle with new technologies because they are new and the tendency to avoid risk is to ‘play to the past rather than to the future.’ He added that his company creates value everyday, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to share price.


  • Andrew Busser, Principal, Syphony Capital
  • Luke Evnin, PhD, General Partner, MPM Capital
  • Thomas B. King, President and CEO, Alexza Pharmaceuticals
  • Oleg Nodelman, Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Biotechnology Value Fund, LP
  • Ben Perkins, PhD, Managing Director, Life Sciences Group, Pacific Growth Equities LLC

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  1. There is always some good investment opportunities available in the biotech/pharmaceutical markets.

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