BIO CEO & Investor Conference: Feeding the need for new obesity treatments

With obesity becoming a worldwide epidemic, there’s no need to question why new treatment options are important. In fact, according to recent reports, obesity-related health and economic costs are estimated at $100 billion per year.

Unfortunately, the options currently available to treat obesity only produce modest weight loss. But what about the conditions often associated with obesity, like diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea? The majority of treatments currently available don’t account for improving these conditions and often don’t account for the dangerous side effects of quickly loosing an excessive amount of weight.

Fortunately, according to leading companies and clinicians, there are several obesity products in development that could significantly improve both the weight and lives of obese patients. These new treatments aim to provide patients with a safe and effective treatment that will help them loose weight, improve their behavior, and ultimately, help reduce mortality rates.

In today’s challenging regulatory environment for FDA approval, the FDA will look closely at the safety, efficacy and method of action for each treatment. Companies say approval may come in early 2011—positive news for the greatest medical problem facing the nation and the world.


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