Thank you

As this year’s convention draws to a close, we’d like to stop and take a moment and thank all the people that made our foray into social media a success.

Thanks to all the bloggers on BIO on the road, who reported their experiences as they happened. Thanks to the members of the BIO2008 Twitter group, who really gave us a feel for the convention, blow-by-blow. Finally, thanks to those of you who joined and participated in our group on facebook.

The really great thing about social media is that helps us to stay connected in the absence of face-to-face interactions, like we’ve had at the convention. And while there is nothing that can replace those meetings, the online world gives us the opportunity to continue our conversations 365 days a year, and on a global scale.

Having said that, we hope that you will connect with us year-round by visiting us on or any of our sister sites and blogs.

We hope to see you soon online. And to everyone, thanks again.

—Susan Cato, Director Online Communications

—Nicole Ruediger, Editor,


The Newsroom: Staying “in the know”

We are excited to announce that we have launched our spiffy new BIO 2008 convention newsroom. Using a “social media” approach, we combined newsfeeds from our “BIO on the Road” blog, as well as convention press releases, a convention blogroll, and links to all of our community outlets:

Be sure to get connected and join these communities, and check out our newsroom today!