BIO CEO & Investor Conference: more than 5 million patients suffering

There are more than 5 million patients suffering from gout. Unfortunately, most gout patients steer clear of medications unless experiencing a flare-up.

With the gout population getting older, fatter and more complex, and with no new treatments approved for the last 50 years, is there hope for gout sufferers?

Actually, there is. There are two new drugs awaiting FDA approval in 2009 that may offer long-term gout management and provide physicians with the ammo needed to improve patient education. While the drugs prove to be efficacious, questions regarding safety remain. And, with today’s challenging environment for FDA approval, the Agency will not trend lightly when it comes to safety. In fact, they’ll seek advice from and advisory committee panel and factor the drug’s efficacy, safety, tolerability, compliance and physiology.

If approved, these new treatments may help change this therapeutic landscape and hopefully offer an improved lifestyle for those suffering from gout.